2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines
2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines

In UV printing, the UV ink dot is left sitting on top of the media by printhead, since UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light. This gives way to print on almost medias. include: Wood, Acrylic,Glass,Metal,Foam Board, Decoration tiles, PVC,Leather... UV inks also are environmentally friendly (No VOCs), 2020 New Gen6 print head Uv inkjet printing machines is a good partner to open up unlimited business opportunities for you.

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2020 New Gen6 Print Head Uv Inkjet Printing Machines

Topme 2020 New Gen6 print head Uv inkjet printing machines can customize various kinds of uv printers for different products printing, Even thickness from 1mm to 400mm .UV Printing can be done on any kind of materials with beautiful results: glossy, embossed or matt colors, it’s wide usage for industry and in house decoration series …



UV2513 Pro UV flatbed printing machine


High precision production



1.Three servo driving, PLC motion control system.

2.High precision production.

3.More convenient and quick printing than other tranditional printings.

4.Easy to adjust the speed and printing quality.

5.With high-precision and high-sensitive electric detector, accurately control product position.

6.Independent Ink temperature control system.

7.Suitable for many kinds of flat materials.




Suitable to phone case,glass,ceramic tiles,wood,daily products, hardware etc.





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Model No. UV2513 Pro UV flatbed printing machine
Features *With Printer data Ethernet Switch to protect printhead
* Hydraulic anti-collision system.
* Auto height measurement
* Positive pressure Auto cleaning system
* Auto adjustment of deviation
* Platform:Aluminum Vacuum absorption platform
* Dual negative pressure ink supply system
* Aluminum double filter ink box
▲ beyond independent thinking, the three-axis servo integrated in the same seat
▲ built-in motion controller and timing logic controller
▲ Multi-axis synchronous interpolation control instructions in the internal synthesis, a high degree of synchronization
▲ advanced gantry synchronization control
▲ flexible internal location editing mode
▲ built-in G code interpreter, extended action command source
▲ flexible electronic cam (E-CAM) function
▲ strong full-closed-loop control function, improve mechanical terminal positioning accuracy
Materials to Print · Metal, Plastic, glass, wood, Ceramics,PVC,Steel board,Paper,Acrylic, Leather, etc.
UV Curing System LED UV Light (Water Cooling system)
Printing Direction Smart Bi-directional & unidirectional Printing Mode
Print Resolution Low Dpi: 360*720dpi 60M2/hr depending on printheads
Standard Dpi: 720*720dpi 30M2/hr
Hi-def Dpi: 720*1440dpi 15M2/hr
Max Dpi:1440*2400dpi 8M2/hr
Max. Print Format 8.2ft*4.2 ft (2500x1300mm)
Print Height 0-10cm (Accept customization up to 40CM)
PrintHeads Japan Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 PrintHeads
Print Method:Piston Pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Number of nozzles:1280 (4*320 channels)
Compatible ink:UV,Solvent,Aqueous,Others.
Operating Temperature Range:Up to 60℃
Temperature control:Integrated heater and thermistor
Jetting Frequency:Binary mode:30kHz / Grey-scale mode:20kHz
Drop Volume:Binary mode:7pl / Grey-scale mode:7pl-35pl
Grey-scale:Achieves excellent gray scale rendering with 4 scale per dot
Variable drop volume capability:Multi-drop capability
No. of Printhead 2/3/4/5/6/8/16 pcs one pcs printhead with two color printing
Print Software Think SAi PhotoPrint DX or DX Plus
Machine Chain German IGUS muted Chain
Steel Lead Screw Taiwan Hi-win Muted 35MM Stainless steel Lead screw
Linear Guide Japan THK Muted Stainless steel Linear Guide
Motor Servo motors
Servo System Imported servo control system
Machine Beam Tempered hardening steel beam
Operation System Microsoft Windows Win7/Win8/Win10
Interface USB3.0 Or optical fiber transmission Port
Languages English,Other language available
Ink Colors CMYK+LC+LM+2W+2V (Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,Light Cyan,Light Magenta,White,Varnish)
Ink Type UV LED ink
Ink Supply 1500 ml/Bottle Negetive pressure continue ink supply system
Height Adjustment Automatic with Sensor.
Driving Power 110V/ 220V/380V
Power Requirement 50/60HZ 220V(±10%)<5A
Environment 20 ~ 28 ℃ HR40-60%
Power Consumption Max.6500W
Ink Consumption 15ml/SQM.
Working Environment 18-28 degrees.
Gross Weight 1500Kgs
Machine Dimension W4300*L2100 *H1300mm
Packing Wooden Case
Case Size 4550*2200*1500mm
Certificates CE,LVD,EMC,MSDS.
Shipping 3~7days lead time. By Sea
Delivery & Service Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
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