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Epson printheads

  • What is the Difference between Epson Xp600/4720/i3200 printheads

    As we know now DTF(Direct To Film) printing for T-shirts and leather products are very popular now since 2019.and most of the China industry printer machine printheads are Epson XP600,Epson 4720 and Epson i3200.And many end-customers don't know what are they difference and always ask same questions during these years,Each…
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  • Why choose Ricoh G5 printheads?

    Getting the right printer head can be critical to reliable, cost effective and high-quality printing. For several years, the Epson DX5 printhead has been the most commonly used type on the market, but with other heads being introduced is that still the case? One of those is the Ricoh Gen…
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