Use of uv flatbed printer

The uv printer is a kind of color printing equipment, which is widely used in advertising, glass, ceramic tiles, leather, metal, plastic, etc. It is used in many industries and is a kind of machine for color printing in the factory workshop of enterprises.

Application industries of uv printers:

1. Home and store building materials decoration. UV flatbed printers can print high-precision pictures on various decoration materials such as tiles, marbles, paint-free panels, aluminum-plastic panels, wood panels and even walls, providing a variety of content and ideas for home improvement and store decoration.

2. Advertising and signage. The printer can print on the wall, acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum-plastic board, two-color board, PVC board, KT board, wood board, various plastic paper, cloth, so that it can be used in the production of outdoor advertising, road signs, monograms and signs, etc. , It has a broad market application space.

Three, wedding photo studio, photo. Printing digital images on any medium may be its application, which creatively combines the style of the image with the change of the medium, so that the traditional photo is sandwiched between glass and a rigid plate, and then fixed in the frame The decoration method in here has been extended. Such as:

1. Print images on metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, ceramic and other plates;

2. Print high-temperature images on glass plates and ceramic plates;

3. Print images on various plastic paper, cloth, silk, silk, leaves, bark and other materials.

4. Digital products and gifts. Print auspicious patterns, blessing language, images of you or the other party on your gift packaging, so that not only can you fully express your mood, the other party will also be surprised and remember you. Why not do this? ?

5. Packaging. Wine box packaging, health care product box, antique wooden box packaging, cosmetic packaging, gift box, metal packaging box, etc. These products often mean high profits, and high profits usually need packaging to set off to show the noble quality of the product.

6. Printing of materials. For example, the printing of anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting logos, the printing of cross-stitch washable ink, and the printing of entertainment chess and card equipment.

7. Other applications: product panel printing, product logo printing, puzzle color printing, product number printing, nameplate printing, etc.

8. Furniture and building materials market: The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions, and personalized home decoration is also quietly popular. Users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors according to their favorite home styles, decorate their homes with their favorite styles, and create a truly personal space of their own.