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What is the Difference between Epson Xp600/4720/i3200 printheads

As we know now DTF(Direct To Film) printing for T-shirts and leather products are very popular now since 2019.and most of the China industry printer machine printheads are Epson XP600,Epson 4720 and Epson i3200.And many end-customers don't know what are they difference and always ask same questions during these years,Each time we will answer them very patiently one by one. But it takes a lot of time. So Topuv is writing here to reply to it and open to all.

Epson XP600/4720(i3200-E)/i3200-A1 print heads are made by Epson. And only Epson can produce such heads. But there are many types of second-handed heads,locked heads. So, before you buy the heads, it’s better that you can buy them from Epson head dealers or Topuv machine factory.














The printing quality and speed are almost the same. For example, if the printing quality is 100, and Xp600(DX11 is the informal name of Epson Xp600) is about 90. But for naked eyes, it’s not easy to tell the difference between printing quality, especially for end-users.

The color Channels:XP600 printhead with 6 colors channels,can print CMYKCM or CMYKLCLM or 6 White each head,I3200 ,and 4720 only with 4 colors channels,so only can print CMYK or 4 White each head.but i3200/4720 is bigger size and more inkject nozzels,the printing speed is much more higher than XP600 printheads.

The using life: i3200 has a longer using life than Xp600 heads. Usually, i3200 printhead can use about 1-2 years, mostly 1.5 years. Some may use it for more than two years. It depends on the maintenance. XP600 heads often can use only about six months. Very few customers can use it for more than six months.


The head prices: i3200 printhead is very expensive when comparing with Xp600 printhead. The head prices often change. It’s just for your reference. Sometimes the price is very high, sometimes it’s very good. To buy printhead at a good price, it’s better that you can ask Epson heads dealer. If you don’t know where to buy it, you can try Topuv first. If you have some worries, you can buy one head first. Topuv is a big printer factory.and can promise you the printheads is original new.


I3200-E and I3200-A1 outlook same same,but I3200-E also we called 4720 printheads is a one time locked printheads,will need a printhead card to unlock it to use.printing speed and quality same with i3200-A1,but i3200-A1 more longer uselife.

The printer prices: Epson Xp600 printer usually is cheaper than printers with i3200 Printer. So, if your budget is not too much, you can try printers with XP600.

More details,please contact with Topuv now!